Can I get out of debt by myself?

One common question I get when I tell someone that I work in the “Debt Settlement” industry is “Hey, can’t i just do that myself?”

I try to answer this without sounding to sarcastic or condescending, but my usual response is “YES, Yes you can do it yourself. You could also put a new roof on your house all by yourself and save a ton of money on the labor cost, but I’m honestly not sure if that roof would keep out the rain and snow this winter”.

My point is. Most things or services you could attempt to do yourself, but the difference is the degree of expertise and time that gets committed to the project.

I would never attempt to fix the engine in my car or make my own clothes. I mean sure, if i watched enough “how to” videos on YouTube then i might be able to convince myself that it’s doable, but the reality is that some things are better left up to the professionals. People that have worked in a particular field for a long time, have a good track record and reviews, and have a team of people waiting to get the job done.

So whether you need to change the engine in your car or get some debt cleared up, it’s probably not a bad idea to call a reputable company and get a free quote.

Worse case scenario, you gain some knowledge about your options and you can make a more educated decision on what route you want to take with your finances.

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