Frugal ways to save this fall and a BIG reminder for Sunday

When the leaves start changing color, you know it’s almost time for holiday shopping, end-of-year deadlines and annual financial checkups. Here are some awesome tips for how you can make the most of the season while keeping your budget in check.

Squash, apples and roots are in plentiful supply this time of year, which means making roasted vegetables, pies and fruit crumbles has never been more affordable, either. Whether you pick your own at a local farm or stock up at the grocery store, you can save. So take advantage of the season’s harvest, and they freeze well, too.

The back-to-school deals and Black Friday sales tend to grab the limelight, but there are more under-the-radar discounts that you can nab if you know where to look. Halloween, Veterans Day and Small Business Saturday, which is the day after Black Friday, all feature steep discounts at participating stores.

Planning your holiday shopping list weeks and even months in advance is the key to staying within your budget. Make a list of all of your gift recipients, a budget, gift ideas and then actual gifts purchased. That level of organization prevents duplicate purchases and waste.

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